# Lesson 0

Installing some prerequisites

Grab them here:

# Python 3.7.3

Do advanced setup, and make sure to add python to environment variables

advanced options

# VS Code

Read through this stuff:

Then grab the following extensions:

extensions list

Also edit some of the default preferences: File > Preferences > Settings

Set render whitespace to all:

whitespace setting

# Lesson 0.5

Restart VS Code and then create a new file. Put the following contents in it, and save it as lesson0.py

print("Hello World")

If it asks you something about a language server, hit try now and wait for it to finish downloading.

Next, click on the Debug button, and then hit the green play button.

debug button

Select Python File (since that’s what we’re running)

config type

A tab should open up at the bottom that looks like this:


If it looks like that, then we’re done!